Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Update - Week 43

Wow, that week went by fast.  Blerg.

First off, the new keyboard is a little crazymaking.  The backspace key and the home key are too close together so I find myself wanting to backspace, hitting the home, and disappearing letters I did not want to disappear.  Miss left and I get a line of \\\\, miss right and whoosh, letters are gone.  Argh.  This too shall pass as I get used to this damn thing, but writing with it is a challenge right now.

Speaking of which, I did write last night.  I'm this close to THE END.  Have to wrap up the climax and do the denouement.  I should have this done by the end of the month, which was my 'drop dead' date. 

I'm going to treat myself by doing genealogy in November, I think.  I don't deserve a break, but I think I need one.  Make it NaNoChillMo or something.  I might edit, but I'm not promising anything.

In reading news, I finished the 2nd Sleepy Hollow book and inhaled the 3rd one right after.  Cliffhanger on the 2nd, doncha know.  Impressive books.  Super fun to read.  Totally gripping.  I also read a Mickey Spillane.  Awesome stuff.  Natch.

Fishing was a non-issue last week.  I had personal things going on that precluded me going too far from the phone for too long.  It all wrapped up by Thursday night, so I went Friday morning, but the fish weren't biting and I was freezing my ever-widening ass off, so I left.

Oh, before I forget, I have a sale starting tomorrow.  Get the Dennis Haggarty Mysteries for 99c each tomorrow through Friday.  (Crap, I forgot to set the UK Countdown.)  Just kind of one of those SURPRISE sales that I didn't plan for until the last minute.  So it'll be a mostly unadvertised sale, since it's too late to get any ads.  =oO

Got our notice from the insurance company that they're jacking up our rates again.  Awesome.  NOT.  Our health insurance now accounts for almost 50% of our entire yearly budget.  Arghle.  I'd like to find the many politicians who did this and hold their heads in the septic tank until they make it stop.

On a less-irritating note, the big oak has dropped so many acorns that my driveway has a weird pattern to it now.  So many little round balls.  Everywhere.  Hubs keeps sweeping them off the concrete, but the gravel part is a sea of acorns.  So's the grass, but it's less noticeable there.  I'd pick them up and leave the piles for the deer, but they're so glutted with acorns, they no longer care.

Speaking of deer, we got a new buck in the yard yesterday.  We're calling him Snap, because one side of his rack is snapped off.  So, we have Oliver (the skinny orphan), Sym (the symmetrical racked one), Six (duh), and Snap.  No sign of the bigger bucks we saw last year.  And we have about 9 does and girl fawns.   Oh, and I almost forgot about the button buck.  So five bucks and nine does/girl fawns.  Not a bad herd.

And I'm spent.  What's up in your world?


  1. Our health insurance skyrocketed after Obamacare. It's well more than doubled. The sad thing is that once you open that door, no rescinding order will close it again.

    I doubt very much the insurance companies are going to roll back to their old prices now that they have it set at the higher rate.

    Health insurance is the most expensive part of retirement.

  2. I'm down to the last chapter and the deadline clock is ticking. I keep thinking "I'll finish today", edit, and format. But then one of the dang characters throws me a curve ball, I swing for the fence, and...and... *flail* I've put my foot down. This morning is the battle scene and then edits of the first while my SOS editor finishes up the last, then a birthday dinner for Only, then formatting tonight/early tomorrow morning and upload. The print version won't be ready. That formatting takes longer. And it'll only be available at Amazon to begin with because it takes a few days for D2D to get it live at the other channels. But this week! And Amazon on Halloween.

    That's my world. Ugh. *thud*

  3. Woot for the slid into home base!

    Yay for Snap and Button! I hope you can share photos of them.

    Health insurance? What's that? Or rather, who can afford it?

    I sent Wizard's Child off to CreateSpace - and the top margin is too narrow. Sigh. A second version is now in there cue. Updated my writing website, but I'm still battling with links before I can send it off to Kindle. I'm making a links file this time!