Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday This n That

So, I tried to brain way too early this morning.  Don't worry, no one got hurt.  And I caught myself before I made any major errors.  Of course, sending a card to someone and writing Lydia on the envelope when her name obviously is NOT Lydia, called for me desperately looking for my packages of white label thingies.  Because I don't have another envelope that size and no one wants a happy card with the name crossed off and re-written.  Ugh.  After that, I sat down to pay bills... a week early so not all the bills are actually even here yet.  More coffee!  STAT!

I am going fishing this morning.  It's a moral imperative at this point.  I just need to either leave before the sun comes up or after it's reached a certain point in the sky.  Last time, I timed it wrong and the sun was hitting just above my steering wheel - right in the old eyes.  So, I was blinded part of the way.  Not a safe way to drive.  (Yeah, sunglasses were on and they still didn't help.)

The lake I live near is down about 5ft from 'normal pool' and about 7ft from when I first starting fishing there.  This makes everything interesting.  A few of the places where I fish - places with ledges on the water - are now way above the water. 

The other places where I fish have huge beach fronts now. 
This next pic? All of those rocks behind me were underwater when I first found this fishing spot.  You could only see the top of that little bush about the water.
Here's the same place back in June...
Gnarly, huh?

Okay, that's about enough out of me.  The sky's beginning to lighten, so I'd better get my buns in gear.  Comment away and I'll post the comments when I get home.  =o)


  1. Hopefully, some more rain will come your way. Most of our lakes were down--some up to 30 feet but over the past year and change, we've gotten enough rain to fill them up, though they very between even and a couple of feet down. Hope you catch enough to add to the freezer stash so you can have a fish fry this weekend.

  2. I love your fishing hole! The water down that low is spouting all sorts of plot bunnies: finding skeletons or cars or treasure on a shelf.

    We've been lucky this year and our water levels are way up from the last few years. Hurray for a rainy pattern! Wishing some your way.

    I hope you had a great day fishing!

  3. Our lakes are way down too but they have risen some this year.

  4. We had a mini heatwave this week, but today it's absolutely chucking it down. Actually had to put shoes & socks on - and boy do they feel weird after sandals.