Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 35

Good morning!  How the hell are ya today?!*

As of last night, I am 70 pages from being done with this round of edits.  Then I have to do a final pass through it all.  I started the formatting last night when I was sick of editing but still working. I now have a title page and a copyright/acknowledgement page.  Yay.

I went fishing twice last week and brought home a total of six bluegills.  I have tentative plans to go fishing today while it's still cool.  The rest of this week is supposed to go back into the low 90s.

In reading news, I bought the first book in a series I've been meaning to read for like freakin' ever.  I inhaled the book.  Illusion's Child by DJ Salisbury.  (Yes, that is our own Deb Salisbury - commenter extraordinaire.)  It rocked.  Now I need to snag the other two books in that series.  Plus read the other book of hers I bought which isn't in that series.  I also picked up and read a copy of Silver James' latest - Barefoot Bay: Double Trouble.  I love her books.  And this one is set in the framework of Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay, which I also love.  The gals are rocking things out.

That's it for me.  I'll let you all know when Up Wish Creek is available for purchase.  Meanwhile, stop by Goodreads and give it a 'Want to Read', if you will.  Thanks!

*Yeah, the enthusiasm is faked.  It's morning and I haven't had enough coffee to be that excited about anything... except coffee.


  1. Yay! Marked it. :) And thanks for the good words on DT. That was a fun book. I'll be doing another in the Barefoot Bay world in May 2017--about a former pitcher who is mentoring a young pitching phenom, and discovers a tie to the boy's mother. I going into "silver fox" territory and I can't wait!

    I finished up revisions/edits on BLOOD & FIRE and it's off to my editor. Moving on to a short dystopian tale for an anthology. Our temps are going back up but not as hot as it could be this time of year. I'll take whatever breaks we can get in that regard.

    *Yeah, I spent the morning on Pinterest saving coffee pins. And drinking coffee...

  2. LOL to faked enthusiasm! That's my normal morning state.

    Thanks for your kind words on Illusion's Child! :-D

    I'm 70 pages into the final edits of Dragon's Child. I forgot how much I like this book. But right now I'm doing battle with Kindle to upload my latest nonfiction. I don't remember it being so much trouble last time. Maybe I need coffee. ;-)