Thursday, April 30, 2015

This n That Thursday

Earlier this week, I was walking the cat when I noticed a 'weed' growing in our pea gravel pile.  When I pulled it, though, I found it wasn't a weed.  It was a baby Black Walnut tree.  It even still had the nut attached.  So I kept it.  I've named him Walter and I'll be trying to raise him into a real tree.

Black Walnuts are extremely slow-growing, so I don't expect great things. From what I've read, he should be mature in about 50 years. If he survives the cup, he'll be moved to a pot with dirt.  If he survives that and gets hearty, then he'll be moved outside to a spot we've already picked out for him.  But it'll take some babying.  I'm up for that.  He can't be any harder to take care of than Max.  LOL

Maybe I should've kept that baby oak I found in the front flower bed.

My maiden newsletter voyage is scheduled for early tomorrow morning.  Once I got the hang of it, it was actually kinda fun.  I hope you all enjoy it.

Someone hit an armadillo down the road from my house.  Then the vultures got to it.  Now it's a flat armadillo shell with a head and feet.  Gross.  I'd kick it off the road, but did you know armadillos can carry leprosy?  Yeah, don't want that on my shoe.

There's a very good chance I'm taking the middle of the day off to go fishing.  I haven't been fishing since the late '80s.  If all goes well, we'll be having crappie for dinner.  If not, we'll have had a nice day.  And I'll have pics.  Keep your fingers crossed I don't fall in.

What's on your 'this n that' list today?


  1. I need to cut my hair. I may go do that, see if I can get my head back into the scene of the current WIP I stopped on when it became dinner time last night. I did come back to write after dinner--PO'd at the cable company--but a scene from a book like six in the future grabbed me so I wrote it. Yay for Scrivener so I can do that.

    So...Hair cut. Work. Dry cleaning run. Pick up Only's boots from the shoe repair shop. Probably a Starbucks run because...I have a freebie!. And then more work. Oh. And figuring out dinner.

    Have fun fishing! Here's hoping for a crappie dinner. ;) *bwahaha*

    1. I need to do the haircut thing, too, but since I do it myself now, I just need to get off my butt and walk into the bathroom with a pair of scissors. LOL I hope your writing got back on track. Yay for Scrivener helping you with that.

      We did have fun. Didn't catch a darn thing, but it was a beautiful day and we drowned some worms. =o)

  2. Wow you & Silver have much more interesting lives than me. Although having said that, I'm not sure I fancy crappie for dinner - just saying...
    I finished off piecing a quilt last night and I think I like it. I now need to baste it but I'm thinking I'll leave that for a couple of days and carry on with a T-shirt quilt I've started for a buddy. Fiddly stuff but I'm liking it so far, and also who wouldn't like working on T-shirts with the Boss, Slash, ACDC & the Stereophonics? Might put them together in a playlist to feed the muse.

  3. We have a walnut on our property but I have yet to to get a nut. The squirrels always beat me to it.

    Garage sale starts today. I'm already beat!