Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 16

Hi all.  I know I've been absent since last week's Sunday Update.  Chalk it up to being derailed by my Tuesday/Wednesday internet outage and my need to get Accidental Death back to my editor.  (It's still not there, but it will be soon.)

I hope to have everything back on track this week.  I will send this book off to the editor today for her final round and that should decrease the insanity level in my skull - at least for a little while.  I'm still hoping to have a firm release date to announce when I sent out my maiden newsletter around May 1st.  (May Day!  May Day!) 

Have you signed up yet?  Well, get over to B.E.'s Writerly Space and do that, will ya?

My last day of price reduction on Dying Embers is today.  If you want a dollar off the ebook copy, you better head over there.  The sale ends when Amazon accepts my changes to the price - which I will make tonight before I shut down.

Okay, now I really have to get back to work.  These last 79 pages aren't going to edit themselves - damn them.

How are things in your little piece of the Universe today?


  1. Hugs on the internet outage. That's the pits!

    I hope those 79 pages of edits go smoothly.

    I'm still chugging along in 2C. I tortured my character horribly today. He may never forgive me. I gave myself a stomachache doing it. Right now I just hope it works out in the series the way I plan. It's going to make his life disastrously difficult in 6C.

    And to think, a couple of years ago I couldn't even imagine a way to torture any of my characters. :-)

  2. Yay on AD almost done! *shakes pom poms* I was off-line for most of the day. LG and I went out for a lat breakfast of ham and eggs for me, Spanish omelet for him. I read RITA finalist books. I cleared off major hours on my DVR. I'm under 40% now. LOL I had a revelation about a WIP. And I'm getting ready to watch Cards baseball after the almost-brawls of the KC/Oakland game.

    And I survived this day in history one more year. It's a good day.

  3. Wow all you busy people. I planned to be busy with some sewing this weekend, but got into a book and you know what? It's now Monday, and I did nothing but read (OK I did some washing etc but not much else). I read Covered in Paint, book 5 in Donna McDonald's Art in Love series, Nalini Singh's Rock Addiction & Rock Hard, Shiloh Walker's Darker than Desire and Bianca D'Arc's Angel in the Badlands. I promise next weekend I'll get on with some housework...really I will....

  4. Yay for almost finishing edits! I just signed up for the newsletter, too :)