Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sleepy Braining Again

So, last night as I was trying to fall asleep, my brain was off doing its own wacky thing.  You know.  Sometimes you're just on the edge of sleep and a whole new book idea will pop into your head.  If you don't get up and write it down, it'll be gone.  (At least it will for me.)

Last night wasn't a book.  It was a whole complete idea for starting an epublishing company with my closest writer friends.  Raise your hand if you've read at least one book from a critique partner that you're shaking your head about why no one has snapped it up yet.  I could raise several.  So my sleepy brain decided it would do something about all that and my homeless books, too.

I wrote the letter inviting them to join in the idea.  I created marketing materials.  I knew exactly which books could go to print immediately and which other authors we could invite.  It would be a company designed for writers who have awesome books that no one else wants because they don't fit the mold somehow.  It would be a publishing house for those people who would turn to self publishing but are either afraid of going it alone or don't have the funds to get started.  It would be a publishing house for the already self-published who want a crew to back them up with editing and marketing, etc.

It's not like the people I was thinking of don't all have unique traits to bring into a business like that.  

Needless to say, I had a devil of a time falling asleep last night.  All the sleepy-braining going on.

But this morning the idea is still there and even though I told myself I was a whack-job last night, it's really not that far-fetched.  Is it?

Would you do something like that if the opportunity presented itself?


  1. I'm not sure I would personally go that route with my work (but then again, I'm still a newb in many ways), but I would definitely help out with the company in general. I think it's an awesome idea--all publishing houses had to start somewhere. =)

  2. Holy moly! That's some sleepy-braining idea there, B.E.! I'll just ditto Silver's answer: Yes!