Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trip Pics

Kid playing with her laptop at the Best Western Kiva in Fort Collins.  All in all, not a horrible place to stay, but our room must've been next to the water main because we heard rushing water all night.

And here's the kid filling out paperwork for her student ID.  Thanks to the advice of a gal named Courtney, we did this before going to the resource fair and Daughter was one of the first kids in line.  No waiting?  I'm so totally grateful to that fine young woman.

Once the day got started and Daughter was off sitting through group activities, Hubs and I ditched the parent seminar we were supposed to be in and explored.  Here he is reading the plaque for the Veteran's Memorial Bridge.  (That's the bridge behind him.)

And there I am standing on the other side of the lagoon from where the bridge is.  That big building is CSU's new Rec Center.  And behind the building in the distance is the Rocky Mountains.  Some of them still had snow.

Shortly after that last pic was taken, we had lunch to eat and seminars to attend we couldn't afford to ditch.  And then, I lost my camera - which would've totally sucked if some nice woman hadn't turned it in to the front desk.  She didn't leave a name, so I couldn't thank her.  I don't even know what she looked like, even though she left me with awesome footage of her feet.  (She accidentally turned the camera on and hit the button for video record - something I've done multiple times.)  So, thank you Foot Lady.  Your white sandals and red nail polish will forever be remembered.

So, between a temporary camera loss and as busy as the rest of the day was, I didn't get many pics on Tuesday.  Wednesday's pics are mostly of the campus, and I'll share them with you tomorrow.

Have you ever been to college orientation?  How that go?

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  1. I took my son to university two years ago and it was so well organized, which was a relief as I would have had no idea otherwise.

    Glad you got your camera back.