Thursday, June 16, 2011

College Orientation

Monday morning was a flurry of activity.  Hubs went off to work to make sure he wouldn't come back to a crisis.  Daughter and I ran around dotting all the Ts and crossing all the Is. Bags were packed.  Forms were photocopied.  Gas was pumped and varying flavors of Mtn Dew purchased. Cats were fed and loved enough to last them two days.  Instructions to the neighbor, mail stopped, dishes washed...

And then we were off.

Where to?  College Orientation at Colorado State University.

After three hours of driving and the worst lunch stop I've experienced in years, we were there.  Well, we were at the hotel nearby anyway.  With a 7:45am check in, there was no way we were driving up that morning. The Best Western was lovely.  The restaurant next door was even better.  (If you're ever in Fort Collins, give Charco Broiler a whirl.  The Chick-Ka-Bob was awesome and Hubs really loved his Trout Almondine - with real Colorado trout.)

Anyway, if you've never experienced college orientation, it's about as chaotic as any organized event can get.  Kids scurrying this way and that, dragging their parents behind at first and then ditching their folks for a first solo flight on campus.  They have seminars and discussion groups and classes - both for the kids and their elders.

And as if that all weren't tiring enough, we had a three hour drive back home.  Needless to say, when I reached the couch yesterday, I was down for the count.

I wish I could say I spent today in total relaxation, but the lawn needed mowing.  But I am back. With pictures - once I get them transferred to this computer.  To those of you who worried about the falling apart from yesterday, no worries.  Think of it more like after weeks of kvetching over this trip and then days of the actual trip, I crumbled.  I'm all better now.

Do you fall apart after trips, or am I the only one who needs to rehab afterwards?

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  1. Whew! Exciting! Having worked at a couple of different colleges and having helped with orientation, I know how insane it can be.

    I totally fall apart after trips. I got back from a trip to Canada on Sunday, and I'm only now just feeling normal again. Sheesh.