Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mini Rant and More Pics

As I was surfing through the blogroll this morning, I came across a buddy who'd posted some of their WIP.  I thought it was pretty good with one minor wrinkle and said so.  Another commenter took one word and spent his only paragraph expounding on how it was used wrong.  The word?  Cement.

The line went something like 'he dropped his knife on the cement'.  Yeah, yeah, the stuff is actually concrete.  Not everyone knows that.  Not everyone cares.  A teenage girl (the MC and POV character) wouldn't have known the difference and she wouldn't have cared to make the distinction in her head.  The writer, while being less than true to the concrete industry, was being absolutely true to her character.  Which is what we're supposed to do.  And the commenter?  I think he needs to chillax.

Of course, cement could've been his pet peeve word.  We all have them.  I can't think of mine right now, but I know it when I see it and it irritates the crap out of me.  (Oh, wait, I just remembered...  I hate Hate hate MYBAD.)  What's yours?

And what do you think is more important - using the word right for its definition or using the right word for the character's POV?

Now, for more pics...

This is the CSU Lagoon.  I have no idea who these kids are - they were with some tour group of about thirty 8-12 year olds - but the way she was laying there with one flip-flop semi-dangling off her foot amused me.  She's in perfect reading posture, isn't she?

Here's a better pic of the most-awesome CSU Rec Center.  They just finished renovating it, and it's beautiful.  Inside the pyramidal part is a climbing wall, and it has huge pool with a swimming river thingie.  I'd want to go to CSU just for the equipment.

Here's the kid's residence hall with its separate dining hall out front.  Supposedly, it's the best dining hall on campus.  Anyway, it's a twelve story building and Daughter will be up on the 7th. All I can say is she'll have a great view (and thank god for elevators).

And here's the CSU Administration Building.  It's a very pretty building on a very pretty campus.  Not important to her educational needs, but it certainly helps.  =o)


  1. Yeah, when critiquing stuff, I usually let someone's word choice go, because that's so subjective. Unless it's obscenely wrong, and then I just point it out really briefly.

    Cool pics!

  2. I used to work with a teacher who grew up on a farm (mind you, I live on a farm now) who would YELL at students who said "dirt" when it was actually "soil".

    So now, I hate that. Dirt might be dirt and soil might be soil, but I don't care what you call either!!