Friday, March 12, 2010


Howdy.  I decided instead of a weekly update, I'd just use today to chat about things.

First off, thank you to all the people who follow me.  I just noticed I have a few new members to 'my posse'.  Welcome to the gang.  I'll try to follow you back as time allows.  (And please note:  Sorry, but I probably won't follow you if your emails contain questionable links or if your profile looks like spam.  Just sayin'.)

Oh, and to anyone reading this blog: I don't necessarily endorse the ideas or missions of those people following me.  Click through at your own risk.

Secondly, I've been really concentrating on my lifestyle change this week (i.e. my plan to lose weight and eat healthier).  I was over poking around the library's used book sale and I snatched up a copy of something called Fat to Firm: Lose Weight at Any Age.  I started reading it almost immediately, and you know what?  It's pretty much what I was trying to do on my own - but with purpose and direction.  Eat less, exercise more, cut down fatty foods, etc.  This might be a change I can live with and continue for the rest of my life.  (I mean, rather than the yo-yo plans I've done in the past.)

And hey, any plan that tells me I don't have to forego everything I love - just cut back - is okay in my book.  It's also helpful that they tell you to give yourself permission to fail* - as long as you don't use that single fail as an excuse to go back to your old ways.  Which means that Cadbury Creme Egg I ate yesterday isn't fatal.

Another point that bears mentioning is the tendency I have to eat when I'm upset, frustrated, irritated, bored, sad...  You know, emotional eating.  (Which explains the Cadbury yesterday.)  I just have to recognize when those stumbling blocks are upon me and find better ways to deal.  Like exercising instead of eating.  (I did both yesterday.)  Here's hoping this works and my 44/41/42 measurements start heading in a more 36/24/36 direction.  For now I just want to get back into my blue jeans without squooshing my innards.

Finally, the census chick was here earlier this week with our packet of stuff to fill out.  Back in 2000, they just mailed it.  :shrug:  I need to fill that sucker out and get it back before they send goons to badger the info out of me.  (Just kidding.  My brother was one of those census goons in 1990.)  Of course, in 1990, I was the supervisor for the first ever Animal Census - in the city of Marquette, MI.  Yep, folks, my team went door to door collecting info on the city's pet residents.  We said it was so we could return animals to their homes more easily, but the real reason was to locate people who didn't license their pets.  The returning pet thing was just a side benefit.

Your turn: How's life treating you these days?  Has the census reached you yet?

*Reminds me of an important writing tenet: Give yourself permission to suck - especially on the first draft.


  1. We haven't had a census here for a few years and I'm pretty sure they've never included dogs on them. Mind you, it's so small here, it's not difficult for the parish to contact you and remind you that you're late renewing the licence.

  2. I like that: "Give yourself permission to suck- especially on the first draft."

    Life here is good =) Nothing too specific going on.

  3. received the census last week. Gees I hate filling those things out.

    FWIW, you're not alone on the weight loss journey. I joined Weight Watchers nine weeks ago and have lost seven and one-half pounds. Putting the weight on was alot more fun than taking it off. Only twenty-three pounds left to go.

    My husband and I are taking a cruise for our tenth anniversary so I'm trying to bust some fat cells before June. I'm hoping to be out of my twelves and in a loose fitting ten by then.

    I've been hitting the cardio glide four days a week. Although I feel better after excercise, it takes a whole lotta will power to get started.

    It's good to know that I'm not the only stress eater in the bloggersphere. If I have a bad writing day, those Little Debbies call to me from inside the cabinet. So far I've replaced my craving with carrot sticks, cucumbers and sugar free choco pudding. It curbs my cravings, but nothing will ever replace the comforting feeling that Little Deb gives me.

    Good luck on your weight loss.