Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday This n That

We were watching something on the Cooking Channel when someone said something about falafel.  Both Hubs and I were like 'what the hell is falafel anyway?" So I typed into Google "what the hell is falafel?" and came up with a bunch of sites whose subjects were actually 'what the hell is falafel?' Apparently we weren't the only ones who were thinking that.  For the record, it's chickpeas and/or fava beans ground up, shaped into a ball or a patty and deep fried.

When I read the description of falafel to Hubs, he said, "So it goes well with a nice Chianti?"

Chickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans.

Not to be indelicate... Okay, it probably is indelicate, but I'm not good at delicate... A lot of celebrities are dropping over at the end of this year.  It's like they're all rushing to get a tax break before the end of 2016. WTF?

Yes, a lot of celebrities have died in 2016, but that is no reason to cast such venomous aspersions on 2016.  Yes, a lot of people didn't get what they wanted in 2016 and now Trump is president.  Also, no reason to hate 2016.  Some of the people saying things like '2016 was the worst year ever' and 'I wish 2016 would just die' probably had pretty okay years.  They're alive.  They have internet access, so they aren't broke.  They're wearing clothing and sitting under a roof.  They're eating.  They live in a country where they can say what they want and write things without fear of reprisal (for the most part) or fear they will come to great bodily harm for their opinions (from the government, at least).  Perspective, people.  And like a friend of mine said on Facebook, do you really want to carry all that negativity into the new year?  Try looking at the positives in your life as you head into 2017. 

To borrow from that friend... Tell me something good that happened to you in 2016.  It can be something small like 'I caught my first walleye in 2016. It was 22" and 4lbs. And it tasted awesome.'  Or it can be something like 'My daughter successfully completed a year of college.' And give me one good thing you want to make happen in 2017.


  1. re: about 2016

    I agree completely. People die. Someday we'll die. What matters is how you live.

    I blame social media for making people abnormally affected about everything. You never saw that kind of rampant wracked emotion 40 years ago. We kept it together back then. :D

  2. I am ready to see 2016 out the door. It wasn't a particularly bad year but I'm ready to face the new possibilities that 2017 brings.

    Good things from 2016... I found a new author/series to enjoy reading. I signed a big (for me) contract with Harlequin. I saw some amazing sunrises and sunsets. I discovered that I really like moscato wine. I won an RWA service award. I have wonderful family and friends. S'all good. :)

  3. I love falafel! Yum!

    Good things for 2016: I released two novels and one nonfiction. All the family (we're getting older) survived the year. I read a lot of good books.

    Goals for 2017: Release two more novels and another nonfiction title.

    Wishing 2017 will be better for all of us! Cheers! :-D

  4. 2016 taught me how to unplug from my old writing life and get on with my new career, which has been a very good thing on all levels. I'm having a lot of fun reinventing myself.

    I'd like to take on another art project in 2017, and keep it secret until a year from today. :)

    Happy New Year, everyone.