Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 48

Let's dispense with the big news first: I won NaNo:

I verified on the site with over 52K yesterday (because I figured I'd forget today.)

I rolled over 50K on Tuesday night, and then promptly took three days off.  Which was silly because my actual personal 'for me' goal was 60K in November, and I'm gonna fall short if I don't write like 7500 words today.  Yeah, ain't happening.  I've never done that many words in one day, and I'm pretty sure I'd be crippled for days after doing that many in one day.  I still have the goal of finishing this draft of this book by 12/15, and I think I can do that, but we'll see.  Especially since...

I got my edit notes for Dying Embers this past week.  I have NOT looked at them.  I really wanted to be focused on getting Fertile Ground done.  And then I dropped the ball and didn't do either.  Pardon me with I flagellate myself with some wet spaghetti.

In other news, I had a lovely holiday and I probably did need to take some time off because I wrote for 24 days straight without a day off.  Yes, I would like some cheese with that wine. 

In other other news, the weather has been cool enough for enough days in a row that I went into the woods on Saturday and began the job of cleaning my trails off.  With all the fallen leaves, I can't hardly tell where they are, but I'm making my way.  Unfortunately, I rather large dead tree broke in half and fell across one of my trails.  The limb saw ain't gonna cut it this time - literally.  I managed to remove quite a few limbs, but the main trunk is gonna need a chain saw.  Hello, Santa! 

Other than that, it's been quiet.  Not writing can do that.  Not going out amongst other humans can do that, too, but I loathe crowded stores, so letting loose my inner hermit was totally necessary.  I might go out tomorrow.  Cyber Monday can't affect store crowds, right?

How are things in your lives?  How was your holiday?  If you didn't have one, how're things in general?


  1. Good job on NaNo, and good job for taking a break! We all need them =) I wanted to write over the holiday weekend, but we've been too busy. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on winning NaNo. Now that I got my book to my editor, it's time for me to hunker down and write. Let's see if I can get my story done before 2015 comes a knockin'! **fingers crossed**

  3. Yay for winning NaNo! 50k in a month will wear anybody out. You needed a break.

    My inner hermit is acting up, too. I sincerely don't want to go *anywhere*.

    I hope Santa brings you a chain saw for Christmas. :-)

  4. I hate crowds! Doesn't matter the season, but especially during Christmas. I totalled out NaNo at 56K. I have a lot to edit this next month. :)

    I actually got out and did some yardwork today. Emptied dog pools and reset them (cold front coming in tonight). Raked and bagged leaves on front walk. Washed front porch and window sills for the hanging of Christmas greenery ropes and lights. Hung said ropes and lights, plus other outdoor lights. Now I'm nursing a sines headache and sneezes. (Allergic to dust and leaf mold. Wheeee!)

    Now get to work on those edits!