Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taxes... :shudder:

Well, folks, it's that time of year again.  Tax time!  Weee.  Yippee yay hurray. 

Umm, riiight.

I spent a chunk of time yesterday sorting my receipts and getting them plugged into Excel.  The good news is I only spent about a third of what I spent in 2011 on books.  Yeah, that's the bad news, too.  I saved a lot of money, but my heart is weeping. 

And now that everything's arrived in the mail - all the W2s and 1099s and 1098Ts - and everything's been sorted, entered and paperclipped into neat little bundles, I can begin. 


I'll be starting that this morning.  Don't worry, though, I'll still be here throughout the day.  I'm going to need something to keep my brain from frying.

What about you?  Do you do your taxes as soon as you can, or do you wait until April and hope for the best?  Are you more inclined to get them done if you're pretty sure you're getting a refund?  And last question... do you do your own taxes or pay someone else?


  1. I do not do my taxes as soon as I can. I used to wait until April (when I knew we were paying), but have been doing them earlier the last couple of times, since I've been claiming my writing expenses and we've gotten a little money back. I just hate doing them, though.

    I used to do them all manually, before I went into the writing business. They weren't all that difficult to do. Now it's a little more complicated, so I use a software program. Sure, it makes the job tons easier, but it's still a pain in the patootie. I'm always afraid I'll do something to warrant an audit. I'd like to avoid one of those, you know?

    Good luck on getting your taxes done today. I should start, but I really don't want to be in a foul mood right now. Maybe when I've finished editing! Yeah, that's when I'll start! :)

  2. No. NononononoNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I refuse to think about them. Not yet. Not until I find the scotch... ;)

  3. We have an accountant. Our situation is just too complicated to do on our own. Or maybe that's the excuse we use. Anyway...I'm grateful. Until the bill comes.

  4. Honestly, my parents have always done my taxes because I was still in school and was considered a "dependent" since they were paying for my tuition. Now that I'm married and living in the USA, I have to admit that I'm nervous about taxes, because I have no idea if I'm supposed to file here in the US (even though I don't have my green card yet and I don't earn an income here), or if I'm supposed to file in Canada (but I'm not living there...).

    See my problem?

    Anyway, my husband will be the one who does the taxes. He uses a program and he gets his dad's help.

  5. My last 1099 finally came in, so I need to start working on it. But there are so many other things I need / want to do!

  6. Thanks for commenting everyone! And I didn't end up doing my taxes today. I got derailed by something else entirely, and distracted people shouldn't be filling out government documents. Maybe tomorrow, if all goes according to plan.