Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Books Read

It's that time of year again... Time to wrap up last year's reading list and begin one for 2009. At last count, 2008 was left after reading 73.5 books. (The .5 is for the last book, which I started on December 31st and finished today.) That's up 3.5 from the year before. Not a great gain, but it's probably better than in 2006 - before I began keeping track.

As before, they're in the order in which they were read - with the most recent book at the top.

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer (12/5/09)
Crystal Healer by Lynn Viehl (11/26/09)
The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills (11/18/09)
Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon (11/17/09)
Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl (11/16/09)
Intertwined by Gena Showalter (11/7/09)
Dune by Frank Herbert (10/29/09)
Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher (10/17/09)
Rampant by Diane Peterfreund (10/16/09)
Make Her Pay by Roxanne St. Claire (10/9/09)
Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (9/19/09)
Mean Streets by Butcher, Green, Richardson & Sniegoski (9/13/09)
Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer (9/12/09)
Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost (9/11/09)
Cold Midnight by Joyce Lamb (9/9/09)
Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire (9/5/09)
The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter (9/3/09)
Prey by Rachel Vincent (9/2/09)
Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher (8/31/09)
Dead Beat by Jim Butcher (8/30/09)
Monster Hunters: Nightmare Academy by Dean Lorey (8/26/09)
Tap & Gown by Diana Peterfreund (8/25/09)
Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (8/24/09)
My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent (8/21/09)
Cutting Edge by Allison Brennan (8/14/09)
Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison (8/8/09)
Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper (8/5/09)
Charmed and Dangerous by Toni McGee Causey (8/4/09)
Marco Polo by Keith Miles & David Butler (6/27/09)
Highland Scoundrel by Monica McCarty (6/20/09)
Eve of Darkness by SJ Day (6/14/09)
Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher (6/13/09)
Vamped by Lucienne Diver (6/10/09)
Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon (6/9/09)
Death Masks by Jim Butcher (6/6/09)
Fablehaven: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary (6/5/09)
Master of Craving by Karin Tabke (6/3/09)
Summer Knight by Jim Butcher (6/2/09)
Highland Warrior by Monica McCarty (5/30/09)
Beyond Varallan by SL Viehl (5/25/09)
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (5/23/09)
Fatal Secrets by Allison Brennan (5/23/09)
Wives and Sisters by Natalie R. Collins (5/19/09)
The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan (5/12/09)
Shoot/Don't Shoot by J.A. Jance (5/3/09)
Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs (4/30/09)
Small Favor by Jim Butcher (4/26/09)
Gods of Manhattan by Scott Mebus (4/22/09)
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance by Various (4/2/09)
Sudden Death by Allison Brennan (3/29/09)
Killer Year: Stories to Die For... by Various (3/22/09)
Deader Still by Anton Strout (3/20/09)
Dead To Me by Anton Strout (3/19/09)
Grave Peril by Jim Butcher (3/17/09)
Highlander Outlaw by Monica McCarty (3/13/09)
Superstition by Karen Robards (3/11/09)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (2/27/09)
Vanish by Tess Gerritsen (2/25/09)
Footloose by Leanne Banks (2/22/09)
Unwind by Neal Shusterman (2/19/09)
Deal Me In by Cynthia Thomason (2/18/09)
Grow Up America! by Dr. Michael Hurd (2/17/09)
Pride by Rachel Vincent (2/12/09)
Dogs and Goddesses by Crusie, Stuart and Rich (2/7/09)
Jewel of Atlantis by Gena Showalter (2/4/09)
About a Dragon by G.A. Aiken (2/3/09)
StarDoc by S.L. Viehl (1/30/09)
At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost (1/29/09)
Whisper No Lies by Cindy Gerard (1/28/09)
Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (1/27/09)
Devil May Ride by Wendy Roberts (1/23/09)
Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl (1/22/09)
Smiley's People by John LeCarre (1/18/09)
La Vita Nuova by Dante (1/12/09)
Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter (1/5/09)
Omega Games by S.L. Viehl (1/4/09)
The Stone Bull by Phyllis A. Whitney (1/3/09)
The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell (started in 2008... finished 1/2/2009)

ETA: Just for kicks, I decided to add the date I finished the book to this year's list.


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