Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday This n That

Update on the keyboard saga.  So, I told the customer service rep to go ahead and send the keyboard she suggested and I'd give it a whirl.  I got a keyboard yesterday.  The exact same model keyboard I'm currently rubbing the letters off of.  I sent the CSR a note this morning telling her about the error and telling her not to bother trying to send me any more keyboards.  Enough is enough and I'm sick of dealing with it.  I got an email from them this morning promising to never contact me again.  Let's see if that sticks.

We went out to the park to go fishing on Tuesday.  The park was totally empty except for one camper parked right next to where we wanted to fish.  We went in there anyway.  There was no one at the site.  Just a dog.  By the time we got done fishing, the person had returned.  And wouldn't you know it, she was wearing a Mackinaw Island sweatshirt.  (It's a famous tourist spot in Michigan.)  What are the odds of that?  Anyway, we had a nice chat with her and went on our way.  Lucky gal had the whole park to herself.  And her dog?  Totally was chill about us when we went in, but when we came out, he was totally in protective-dog mode.  Cuz his mommy was home and he needed to protect her.  Good dog.

I've started replanting the irises.  So many bulbs.  I began with putting some back into the cedar bed, where they were when we moved here but on the east side of the bed instead of all over.  It's along the retaining wall.  I used about a third of the bulbs.  Today, I'll start putting them back where they belong.  Leftovers will go in the south facing bed along the garage - where the lilies were before the deer ate those.

Didn't win the lottery again.  Not even a dollar.  This is really getting irritating.

I have to pay bills today.  That lottery stuff would really come in handy. 

A relative of mine got her DNA thing done.  She's point five percent African and point one percent East Asian/Native American.  The Native American I can be pretty certain is from my line of the family.  My 11 times great grandmother was named Mourning Flower and I think listed as Cherokee.  The African DNA?  Well, it's possible it came from my tree.  It's also possible it came down from the part of her tree that isn't related to me by blood.  Interesting but not really critical one way or the other.  I've never really concentrated on the race box of my ancestors, except when I noticed that my mother's grandfather's brother married a woman who was listed on the census as 'half-breed'.

I don't remember if I mentioned the maggot issue or not.  The other day, I went out to the garage to get some gardening gloves I'd left in there and noticed they were covered in these weird little things that looked kinda like seed pods.  Then I noticed the same things were all over this and all over that.  And then I noticed the center of each pod was wiggling.  Maggots of some kind in a webby pod, I assume getting ready to pupate into something else.  We packed everything out of that corner of the garage, throwing out stuff and washing other stuff.  Disinfecting everything.  Cuz ew.,  I had to throw out a whole big container of extra towels and blankets I was saving for dirty work and drop clothes. Last night, Hubs was getting the garbage together to take to the road (they pick up early Thursday mornings) and when he opened the polycart, those maggots were all over in there.  :shudder:  They are not house fly maggots.  They're smaller and yellower with a tiny black head.  I almost wonder if they're moth caterpillars of some kind.  Anyway, whatever we threw out must've had the eggs in it - I never found those - and they hatched.  Gross.  No more of them in the garage as far as I can tell, though, which is awesome.

I'm tellin' ya, it's been the year of the bugs here.  Bleh.

And on that disgusting note, I'll let you go for the day.  What's on your this-n-that radar today?


  1. Gah! I hate maggots and most larvae. *shudder* Yay on the irises. I keep thinking I should dig all mine up and do something with them since they seldom bloom but that means creating a flower bed, which means yard work. *shudder*

    I didn't win the lottery either though I have had the Mega Ball and the Power Ball so that at least almost paid for another ticket. I do five lines at a time. Maybe tomorrow night. I already have my Megaball ticket.

    I still haven't done my revisions. Every time I sit down to do it, I get interrupted and by the time I get back around to it, my head is in the wrong space. *sigh* Maybe today.

    Lawyer Guy is home sick today so my above statement will probably remain true, except "Not today" instead of maybe.

    Finished listening to a book (as part of my Romance Package on Audible, which really pays for itselt when I find a series I want to listen to but don't want to buy and it's included but not in my library). Anyway, I digress. It's a fantasy based on parallel worlds where "twins" exchange places. In the one I finished, the author was obviously a huge fan of "Game of Thrones" and the Drothaki, the nomadic Mongol-type warriors. Despite that, I enjoyed the book though it was on the brutal side. Sometimes I'm just in that kind of mood to read/listen and/or write.

    Have I mentioned that I vacationed on Mackinaw one summer? Totally cool place! I went by myself. I couldn't get reservations at the Grand Hotel so I stayed on the other end of the island's "hotel row" at the Mission Point Resort only I don't think it was called that at the time. Anyway, it was a fun trip.

    And...that's about all I can think of this week. Unless I haven't told the story of Cooper trapping Boone in the closet. That was pretty funny. But I can't remember if that was last week or this week...

    Okay. More emails to deal with and then maybe some writerly-type stuff. Or not.

    1. I also have MegaBall tickets for tomorrow's drawing. :fingers crossed: Sorry LG is sick today. Positive, healing thoughts headed his way. Nope, you never mentioned Mackinaw Island. Cool. You know, I lived in MI for the better part of 31 years and never went to Mackinaw Island. Not Holland, MI either.

      Silly dogs.

      I hope you get your writerly stuff done today. :hugs: