Thursday, January 19, 2012

Randomosity - College Edition

I looked at my To-Do list this morning and wondered what in the hell KiTam meant.  Then I realized it was a note to remind me to call my daughter at 7am.  (I didn't need to, btw.  She was already on Facebook, so she's up to make her early Geology class.)

She totally didn't appreciate my geology puns first thing this morning.  I mean, come on.  Rock on! was funny.

When you talk to people at a college billing office, you need to realize they have no clue what it means to pay for college out of pocket.  So when I called to bitch about the huge difference from one bill to the next - caused by taking an online course vs a go-to course - and she told me there really wasn't a difference, she didn't realize $600 was a big difference to me.  (I made the kid drop the damn course and take something else... which is why she now has an 8am Geology class.)

I still can't wrap my brain around why an online course would be $600 more than a go-to course.  I mean, there's no overhead.  It ought to be cheaper, right?

I so totally want to take my daughter's classes this semester.  Well, except for Econ.  But I would rock Geology.  I already took Public Speaking, so that would be a breeze.  Business Computing?  Fuggetabowit.  Business Communications?  Puleeze.  Okay, so I wouldn't want Algebra either, but I'm seriously jealous of the rest.

Her RA (resident advisor) is a Monty Python fan.  I want her for a friend.  My own first RA was the one who introduced me to Monty Python back in 1988.  I will forever love that woman.  Chris Anderson?  Wherever you are, you have my undying gratitude.

I went to Northern Michigan University.  On the sunny shores of Lake Superior.  Yes, it was cold.  Yes, it was snowy.  But I got used to it.  Could I do it now?  Oh hell no.  I got used to it then, but that was 20 years ago. 

Got anything random to add this morning?


  1. I love Monty Python. Christopher and I quote it all the time =)

    As for the online course... My online courses were actually more difficult than my actual classes. The professors believed that their classes should be tougher because they dont actually have to see you in person. WTH? I always dropped them. I dont think there was a significant difference in prices for my classes, but I dont blame you for making her drop it. 600 dollars? Yeah right.

  2. I can remember watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail with my grandmother, of all people. We were transfixed by the large farm animals flying over the castle walls.

    My SIL was just complaining about her online nursing classes, and how hard they are. I may rethink my wish to return to school and get that second degree!

  3. We are the Knights Who Say Ni! And our quest? The elusive Shrubbery!!

    OMG, I knew there were a ton of reasons why we get on so well, but a Monty Python fan? Excellent!!! And I was introduced to Monty Python when I was at University (University of Calgary shout out).

    I have many random thoughts today - and I'm still craving potato chips! Yikes on the $600 difference for online versus face-to-face courses - I'm a firm believer that education should be free, but I also have issues with money making the world go around, so no one is about to listen to me.

  4. I thought college courses were charged by the number of credit hours. So, did the the on-line course have more credits?

    Otherwise, it's a rip-off. Sort of like ATM fees. It's supposed to save them from hiring a bank teller, isn't it? It's supposed to save them money, right? So why do they charge you to use them?

    Random enough for you? Have a good day!!

  5. "Rock" Geology? Mom, you're doing it again.

  6. Geology puns can go on forever, I've had back and forths with friends before and it gets out of hand. And uh yeah college is crazy way too expensive. I have the student loans to prove it... Though I choose to believe they dont exist ;)

    Your daughter is lucky you are helping her! If she is unaware of this fact, I will gladly moan and complain to her until she is very very glad to not be me. Haha okay not really. Unless you want me to...

  7. Alas, they pull that online course bullshit in Florida too. I have the outrageous student loans to prove it. I too have wondered what that nonsense is about.

    Ha, love Monty Python!