Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 18

Sorry I missed Week 17.  Not sure what happened there and don't remember the events, so here we go into Week 18.

Okay.  I managed to get through the final edits from AWE on Friday night and emailed the book to myself for one last read-through.  I also began formatting it for publication.  It will be ready for launch on the 16th - sans pre-order and without a lot of advertising out of the gate - because, frankly, I haven't had the time or the fundage for fanfare.  Fingers crossed that everyone who liked Dying Embers shows up for the next book in the SCIU world.

My newsletter went out on Monday.  If you missed it, check your spam box.  There was a chance to get a PDF ARC in there, and not all the spaces have been filled, so if you want one, there's still a pretty good bet that you'll get one. 

I also did the Worldwide Cover Reveal on Friday.  

The rest of the week was pretty much devoted to getting ready for the Kid's arrival.  She got here yesterday.  Smooth flying all the way out and a smooth layover in Chicago.  It's awesome having her here.  The drive up and back was free from events.  We won't discuss the travesty that was dinner out.  I'm still irritated at that restaurant and at everyone who has raved about it to us over the past three years.  I should've just driven us the rest of the way home and made frozen pizza.  Would've saved us money and I wouldn't be sitting here at 3 in the morning still remembering dinner.

In other news, Kira - who is totally xenophobic, as well as being agoraphobic - must remember the Kid because after ten minutes of standoffishness and hiding, she walked up and head-bonked the Kid in the leg, demanding pets and snuggles.  And now it's like the Kid wasn't even away for 3 years. 

BTW, this is the cleanest my house has been since we moved here.  And the Kid was suitably impressed. 

Your turn.  What went on in your world last week?


  1. Happy Mother's Day! *waves to Kid*

    Last week? I finished NIGHT MOVES. I finished author review edits and then typesetting edits for CONVENIENT COWGIRL BRIDE. And I got started on revamping the plot for WINNING THE COWGIRL. I think I got the whole conundrum figured out yesterday. I'm waiting to get home to my desktop so I can see the text in big screen. I'm too old to work on small screen and keyboard on a laptop except in emergency. :-P

    I ended up on granddog sitting duty this weekend so the kids could go to a medieval fair. Their normal dogsitter had to bail and their vet was full of boarders. I'm ready to get home to "my" stuff. LOL So set in my own ways, but awesome bonding time with Dozer. *rolls eyes*

    I have a hard deadline of June 14th to write 50K words so starting tomorrow, it's BICHOK for the duration. Yay? LOL

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I'm glad the Kid made it in for a visit. :-)

    Good for Kira! Cats have much longer memories than we give them credit for.

    I've been working on the dressmaking book and a new series of 1850s sewing patterns - two of which are almost ready to put out. I think I figured out what's wrong with 5C and how to fix it, but I want to finish the stuff that makes $$$ first. ;-)