Thursday, February 18, 2016

This n That Thursday

I can't believe it's already Thursday again. 

Some Vietnamese couple tried to smuggle 4.6 million dollars in counterfeit currency through Detroit Metro airport (DTW on your airport dial).  They said they were planning on burning it to honor the dead.  And it appears like people are believing that load of bunk.  :shrug:  Luckily, the reasons for having counterfeit currency don't matter to the law. (One hopes that statement's true.  These days, one can never tell.)

BTW, I have a special affinity for DTW.  Lord knows I spent enough time flying in and out of there over the years. 

Back at the end of last month we noticed one of the tom turkeys was looking odd.  We thought at first that he was just old.  Then Hubs made a joke about leprosy (sidenote: armadillos can carry leprosy), which got me thinking that maybe Sam wasn't old, he was sick. I went online and looked at dozens of really grody pics of turkey diseases and determined that Sam had LPDV (lymphoproliferative disease virus).  So I sent an email on 2/3 to Missouri DoC asking what to do.  I finally got an answer yesterday.  Not really helpful, which was just as well since poor Sam stopped coming around about two days after I sent the email for help.  We assume Sam went to that big rafter in the sky.  He spent his last day here standing in the sun next to the garage door. I hope he went quietly and not violently. 
They tried telling me it was probably avian pox or some form of dermatitis.  :shrug:  I'm no vet, but that doesn't look like pics of those maladies.  I thanked them and sent them the above pic for their records, just in case. In all fairness, I hadn't sent them a picture at first - their webform didn't allow for it.

Which reminds me.  I shared a neat picture I saw on FB of a sharp-shinned hawk standing on its kill of a starling in the snow.  Then I read the comments and some lady was talking about how she turns the hose on hawks hunting in her yard.  You know me.  I love birds.  All birds.  What she was bragging about was just cruel.  Raptors miss more prey than they catch most days.  Depriving them of food is mean, even if it saves a sparrow or two.  I wonder how she'd feel if I turned a hose on her every time she went to the fridge.  Hmm?

Okay, enough of my bird soapbox.  Any this n that in your world this week?


  1. You have a really interesting life, much more so than my "in town" life. I go to work, come home, sew / read / listen to audio books / knit / crochet / talk to son, then go to bed to get up and do it all again the next day, with weekend variations thrown in. My front room window overlooks the car park & bin store of my apartment complex, so no exciting wildlife for me. My bedroom window overlooks the railway line!

    The most interesting thing I've done this week was go to my Tuesday evening "Sewcial" at my local fabric shop. It's lovely to meet up with other sew-ers and see what they're making, and obviously the coffee and lemon drizzle cake isn't to be sniffed at either.

    I really enjoy hearing about your world and its environs.

    1. You probably see more people than I do, Fran. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the day and the people. If I'm in a place with people, I watch them. It's sort of like bird-watching. I had an apartment once that overlooked the railway line. The trains would rock me to sleep. =o)

      Ooo, your 'Sewcial' sounds like fun. I wish I still sewed sometimes. I might want to go to something like that. And not just for the cake.

      Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoy my posts. I enjoy having you stop by and comment. :hugs:

  2. This: Any raptor that hunts starlings is just all right in my book! Hate those suckers. They, and grackles, flock and create all sorts of havoc. And mess. Besides. HAWK! That the totem for my DH and DDs clan.

    That: I have a cover. I'll be doing a reveal soon. Must write the back cover blurb for the print version.

    Another: It's going to 80 degrees today. In freaking February. The last time this happened (almost 40 years ago), we had an awful tornado season. :(

    And so forth: Pitcher/Catcher started. Spring training will be in full swing soon. BASEBALL!!!!!

    That is all...

  3. Obviously I'm very pro-bird. :) I did have to explain to our new neighbors how it's against the law to feed the sandhill cranes who live here; they've been a bit too friendly with them, too. Our cranes are pretty mellow, but the species can attack without warning. Hopefully the newbies stop treating them like canaries.

    My local indy bookstore has a monthly book group I've been thinking about joining to be a bit more social. The problem is that the bookstore owner knows I'm an author, and I don't want that to be a factor. Maybe I could join a group in another town, under a false name. Anastasia Crowback, voracious reader . . . .

    1. I ,over that alias - really rolls off the tongue!