Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 7

Let's see...  Week 7...

Well, I got the edit notes entered for Fertile Ground and sent it to my Kindle for further noting before I have to send it to my editor-person.  I have not yet looked at it on the Kindle.  I have until Thursday.

On Thursday, I should be getting In Deep Wish back from my editor-person.  Then I'll be entering her pretty pink edit notes.

Starting yesterday, Dying Embers is free through the end of today. Worldwide.  I'll be doing a breakdown of that tomorrow.  Suffice it to say, as of last night, Dying Embers was #1 in Mystery-Thriller-Suspense/Crime/Serial Killers, #4 in all Crime, #25 in all MST, and #92 in All Kindle free Books.  I hope it translates to actual sales down the road.  I do know that it got some Kindle Unlimited people reading pages yesterday, so that's something.  I've also gotten a new review at Amazon and a new rating at Goodreads.  Win-win.

Accidental Death dropped off Kindle Select on Thursday, so I took it to Draft2Digital for a wider distribution.  Then I got a note saying Apple really prefers not to have competitor links in the books it sells, which was a total DERP moment for me, because I knew that.  So I went into the file to change that and realized there was a bunch of other stuff that needed changing - back matter, formatting to a more professional level, etc.  I did all that and uploaded it everywhere it needs to be.  It's live on Amazon.  I'm waiting for it to be live on Kobo, B&N, and Apple.  Then I'll post the links.

Oh, and I tweaked the cover.  All I really did was take the mauve wash off the black and white image.  It's starker this way. 

I did something active every day last week.  Although, Wednesday was lame with only 8 minutes of exercise and Thursday I only did a 3000 step walk.  (Which for me is a little under 1.5 miles - I have shorter than average steps.)  But those days count because I did something active.

Friday I did our taxes.  It only took two hours because I'd done all the organizing ahead of time. 

Looking ahead, I have to do a newsletter this week.  In it, I'll have the cover for In Deep Wish and a short excerpt.  I'm still aiming for a release date of March 15th.  And hitting it shouldn't be a problem.  I should have it available for pre-order on the 4th.  That should be enough time to fix all the stuff, format all the stuff, etc.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Any updates for you?


  1. You know about my October release of a Kindle World novel with Paige Tyler. And my submission to SMP's Swerve imprint. I'm still mostly on track for a March release of MOONSTRUCK: LIES. Waiting on my cover for it. Found some character models for upcoming books--just for reference. I got my new microwave. I got food poisoning, but hey! Weight loss! Aaannddd...I think that's all. Off to set up my blog for tomorrow and then back to bed.

  2. Yay for edits done and getting there. More yays for finishing your taxes. I did mine, too. So glad that's over with.

    I wrote &/or rewrote 17 pages in 5C, and 5 or 10 pages in the next nonfiction (I haven't added them up yet). Since nonfiction pays better, I figure I should put more time into it. Which is hard because I'm a one-track pony. I want to concentrate on one or the other!