Friday, October 24, 2014

Scatterbrained Slacker

Ugh, I'm such a slacker.  Or maybe it's just that time seems to be flying by these days.  One day it's Sunday and the next thing I know, it's Friday and I'm wondering where the days in between went.

And I'm scatterbrained.  It's like short-attention-span theater has taken over.

For instance...

I can't type right since I cut my nails.  I had long nails (I can't help it if they grow at twice the rate here as they did in CO) but I wanted to have them at a manageable length for NaNo.  So I cut them short, and now I can't type.  Seems I'd been typing for so long with the claws that it's taking time to get used to typing without them.

I'm debating whether to hit the thrift store today.  I don't need anything.  I just feel the urge to find something old and make it mine. 

Which reminds me... I was watching Rehab Addict last night and she always stages the rooms she renovates with old stuff.  Last night, she used an old typewriter as an accent piece in the refurbished library of a stately old home.  My first thought - my old typewriter is better.  My second thought - she really should've done something to make it look nicer (because several of the keys were stuck down and it looked shoddy compared to the rest of her nice design work.)  I'm not usually that critical of her, but hey, it was a typewriter.

Living in the country has its advantages.  This week, a book I'd ordered never arrived but Amazon was telling me it had been delivered.  So I called the local USPS where our mail comes out of (not my town's post office because they don't actually deliver mail from there) and they hunted down the substitute mailman who was on our route, then talked to the regular guy who was back from vacay.  Logn story short, the sub guy found my book, got it from where he misdelivered it and then hand carried it to my doorstep.  Try to get that kind of service in the big city. 

I really need to tidy up my piles of paper and get that stack filed.  (Of course, I said that a while back and it still hasn't been done.)

What's on your short-attention-span theater line up today?


  1. Writing. Writing. Writing.

    1. I think the writing makes the short attention span theater worse. And the slacker-ness. At least for me. But hey, it's the price I pay for doing what I love.

  2. Newsletter hell. I'm in it. :( Ugh. Just UGH! But I fear it's a necessary evil. The good news is that I don't have to send it out very often! I will not be a spammy sender of frivolous newsletters.

    I want to get back to writing. I have a week before NaNo and I want to get snippets and flash fiction I've done that relates to MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS into the manuscript. I knew I wouldn't get it finished before NaNo but I need to get further along than I am.

    And it's the weekend. And World Serious. And college football. And...and...I just found a package of sharp cheddar cheese I was snacking on yesterday afternoon buried under a notebook on my desk. A notebook I was making notes in. I wonder if the cheese can go back in the fridge and be edible... *wanders off in search of more coffee*

  3. Hey, I'm lucky if I remember blog once a month. Um, make that once a quarter.

    I'm in love with your postal service!!!

    I'm finishing adding illustrations for the last six months of 1879, but then I need to go do some painful editing. The book is too darn long. I need to cut at least twenty pages. Noooooooooooooo!

  4. What's on my short-attention-span theater line up today? PACKING! Leaving tomorrow and still have way too much to do. Plus, going to a football game tonight. I'll still be packing in the morning. Yes, I'm the President of Procrastinators, Inc. :)