Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 15

I typed about 400 words into Djinn 3.  Then I read a book that used the same damn historical figure - albeit in a different way.  Haven't decided whether I'll rewrite the scene or proceed forward.

I planted two pots worth of tulips I bought at Walmart's Easter sale.  Judging from the tint on the edges of the petals, they'll be purple. 

I'm beginning to wonder why I paid for an entire month of when I've pretty much gone as far as I can go with the information I have.  :shrug:  I did find some interesting details, but the stuff I really want to know is still eluding me.  Translate that German stuff already!  Sheesh.

The electric work we were having done on the house should be finished today sometime.  Yay.  I'll get the bill then.  Boo.

The pest control dude never showed, never called, and didn't email.  At this point, he'd better have been sucked into an alternate dimension or something.  Unfortunately, he's the only one who advertises that he can eradicate ticks.  Hubs and I are looking into alternate methods.  (And yes, we know about diatomaceous earth and nematodes (the latter because my brother brought it up on FB) No, we won't be using guinea hens.)

Sorry I don't have a ton of positives this week.  But hey, the weather has been lovely, the birds are singing to beat the band, and we're happy.  What else can a gal ask for?

Oh, yeah, for the damn squirrel Mama to get her three babies out of my eaves already.  Winken and Blinken were out, but Nod?  He's a scaredy-rat.

And now all three of them are back inside with only Winken brave enough to jump off the roof into the tree.  (Not that I really blame Blinken.  He fell twice yesterday.)


  1. ROFL! I can't stand squirrels, but I adore Nod. I'm a scaredy-rat, too

    Yay for finished electric work. Boo for ticks and ticky men.

    Arthritis acting up this morning, but rewrote a couple of chapters this week. Yay! Dr appt tomorrow; maybe he'll help with RA.

    Have a great week everyone!

  2. Ignore the other book. Write your story the way it wants to be written. In other words, "Damn the torpedoes!"

    Okay, positive stuff. I finished the proposal for book 2 of my Harlequin contract and sent it off to Mr. HEd. He had some news for me I can't share yet but it's good!

    I discovered the lunar eclipse is a blood moon so I put my Moonstruck series on sale for a week.

    I got my new printer installed and it works. Installing it necessitated a cleaning of my work space. I have wood! (Desktop and tops of two filing cabinets) I dealt with about 3 years of paperwork I'd let stack up because I'm messy like that.

    I got almost 1000 words written on the 30K Christmas novella due for an anthology on June 1. I hope to have it off to Ms. WREd by May 1st.

    I'm taking Lawyer Guy out for breakfast this morning.

    Have a great week! :)

  3. Wish I could suggest something for the ticks. We had some problem with them in east Texas, but knock on wood, no problem at all in north Texas.

    I hate those blood suckers. It gives me great pleasure to kill them.