Monday, February 11, 2013

Sticky Notes

I'm surrounded.  Sticky notes to the right of me.  Sticky notes to the left of me.  All of them staring at me, waiting for me to do something.  Make a call.  Write a check.  Research this.  Delete that. 


And mixed amongst them are non-sticky notes*.  A half-finished to-do list.  A note to call some guy about some things.  Notes on some other calls I made.  A list of blog topics.  A whole square of paper about a particular topic I need to write about. 

I'm drowning in little squares of paper over here.

(We won't talk about the pile of big papers sitting in front of the file cabinet.  That's a whole other kettle of fish.)

Is your desk covered in notes or are you more organized than I am?  What are your notes telling you to do today?

*I'm using the back of torn off Dilbert calendar pages as scrap notes.  Works pretty well and keeps me from having to buy notepads.

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  1. Sticky notes are my favorite. I also do the homemade note pad with paper we don't need any more - so that's usually filled with ideas, notes to self, grocery lists, etc. The new computer has a Sticky-note Program, but I'm visual and need those scraps of paper right where I can see them.

    Today's notes - work related and an on-going grocery list!!

  2. I think mine has the sticky note program, too, Janet, but I don't think it would work for me - not unless the stickies all stay on top of everything else. Then I guess I wouldn't see enough of the screen to do anything but work on my to-dos. That's one way to make sure everything gets done, I guess. LOL

  3. Not a fan of sticky notes -- they seem to multiply like rabbits. I'm a big fan of long lists.

    I was actually just looking at today's list and congratulating myself on the progress I've made already today...and it's not 11:15 yet! Love productive Mondays (tho the list was made yesterday)

  4. Oh, boy. If only I could send you a picture of my desk...sticky note central. I'm pretty sure if I just had enough sticky notes in every color and size, I would be perfectly organized and never forget anything. Absolutely positive.

  5. Hehehe, I'm the exact opposite. I keep all of my notes and "To Do" lists in Word documents on Dropbox so I can access it anywhere at anytime. Cuts down on mess and it's handy to know it's always backed up.

  6. That's where they're all coming from, JB! They're having their wicked ways with each other on my desk at night. Ebil stickies. Way to be productive on your end!

    LOL, I thought about posting a pic of my desk, Teri Anne. Good luck with your pursuit of sticky-note organization!

    And that's why you're where you are in life, Nat. You're an organized go-getter. =o)

  7. I can't imagine not being surrounded by sticky notes. I also use the backs of pieces of A4 paper from old manuscripts. So many notes, not enough time and a terrible mess.