Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Fire Here

Cross-posted from my Facebook page:

For all my friends in other parts of the country, I am NOT in any danger from the fires in Colorado you've been seeing all over the news. All of those currently burning are at least 3 hours away, and the one that was burning on the plains was put out quickly and wasn't close to where I'm at. We are under a Red Flag warning due to the heat and lack of moisture, but no fires here yet. (We'll see if that changes after all the ill-advised fireworks displays next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.)


  1. Glad for that! The Waldo Canyon fire is just breaking my heart. I've hiked that trail. I spent so much time in Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. Hang in there. Prairie fires are every bit as bad as forest fires. I've worked both. Keep us posted!

  2. I'm glad you're safe! Those fires are heartbreaking.

    It's tooooo darn hot here, too (107 predicted for my area), but at least our humidity isn't so dangerously low.

  3. Good to hear! I don't have to worry about fires here, but we did just have a tropical storm that flooded everything. My property was okay though luckily.

  4. Fingers crossed for you and for the others whose homes are deep within the fire. It's so scary what's happening.