Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday This n That

Firstly, Unequal is on sale starting today.   I really wish more people would read it.  It's kind of awesome and I do love it so.

On a different note, Kira has fleas.  How does an inside cat get fleas?  We assume somehow or other the little bastards came in on our clothes and then decided to make a home on the cat.  I have not yet actually seen a flea, but she's got flea dirt.  (Little black specks that dissolve and turn red when you get them wet because they're actually blood that the flea has pooped out.  Ew.)  Anyway, I have flea stuff on order and it should be at our local Wallyworld by tonight which means I'll get it tomorrow.  Actually, I already had flea/tick spray for cats in the house, but as I was applying it, the bottle got knocked off the counter and the spray nozzle broke.  Bugger.  This other stuff will work better anyway.  After we start the treatment, we'll clean the hell out of the house.  All in all, she doesn't seem overly put out by it.  Her neck's itchy where I found the flea dirt, but she's not constantly scratching at herself.

This too shall pass.

It's so freakin' hot right now.  And so humid.  Argh.  Everything we have to do had better be done in the morning or it ain't getting done.  And even then, I'm sweating.  Blerg.  Poor Hubs had to change his shirt mid-mow because he was soaked.  Every walk I take is total sweat-city.  Gross.

This'll pass, too.  I can't wait for fall to arrive.

Right now, I'm reading this book about a half-human/half-fairy who's never left fairyland until her full-fairy sister is stolen.  It's kind of paranormal suspense/mystery and kind of UF with a hint of romance set in London.  So far, so good.

Speaking of cats, the fiber thing is working.  (Wallyworld version of Benefiber.)  I sprinkle about 1/8th teaspoon of it on her food every morning and she's pooping like a champion.  No more constipated kitty.  Yay.

I've been using Pinterest a lot.  I still have only three followers, but that's okay.  I'm finding lots of pretty things to look at - art and birds and horses - and some good quotes to help inspire me.  I'm not sure how much its helping my book sales yet, but I did sell a couple books and get some page reads out of the blue (DE and FG, so far), so maybe that's where the readers found those books.  Yay.

Okay, I'm about tapped out this morning.  Not enough coffee in my blood stream yet.  Have a great day and drop some this n thats of your own if you feel the urge. 

Peace out.

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  1. Boo on fleas, yeah on fiber. Kira is a good kitty! I hate the heat. I need to update Pinterest. I think I saw a sale/blurb/something on that book you're reading and thought to self, "Self, that might be interesting." Then promptly got distracted. Okay in other this-n-thats...

    I just deleted 43...FORTY-THREE!...messages/hang-ups from the answering machine. The few messages that were left were spam or scams. So much for the vaunted no-call list. 🤬

    I thought I had all five Nightrider books ready to go. Then remembered I'd gotten distracted on the first, hadn't actually read it all the way through, only changing out the backmatter. Good thing I decided to go back to reread the whole thing. Loki was tromping on my keyboard and left...shall we say interesting "footprints". Yeah, cleaning those typos up today. Fun times. 🙄

    I'm going to a "tipsy painting" party with Only tonight. LG is driving so I can have my two free drinks and I don't drive at night if I can avoid it. It'll be fun because...Only! 😜

    Amazing how much better the AC works with new capacitors (turns out they were only working at like half capacity), clean filthers, and the control board bypassed so everything works. Nice and cool with the condenser not working so hard. 😋

    I love that my library subscribes to Hoopla. Quite often, when there's a waiting list for an e- or audio book at the library, I can snatch a copy off Hoopla. I get six downloads a month so a great way to read a series. 😊

    And I think that's it for me. Hang in there and try to stay cool!