Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 5

Good morning!

So, last week, I finished the edit round with In Deep Wish.  I think I won that round.  It was a tough battle, though.  Took a lot of right hooks to the chin and a couple deep body blows.  And now I don't have to think about it for 3 weeks.  Well, except for writing the cover copy.  So far all I have is:  Jo does stuff.  ;o)

I settled on a series titles for the genie books: Once Upon a Djinn.  Not sure it's perfect, but it works and no one else is using it.  Besides, it's way better than the losing ideas.  So, I added that to listing of Wish in One Hand, and I took the initiative to add it to my cover art - rather than bother my artist. 

Works for me.

In other news, I raised the prices for Dying Embers, Wish in One Hand, and BloodFlow up to $2.99.  Still not an expensive way to spend your time.  I'll raise the price of Accidental Death after the 6th - because I committed to an advertiser to have it at .99 until then, so if you haven't read that one yet, now's the time to one-click that puppy. 

I started back to work on Fertile Ground yesterday.  Back at the end of last year, I read through it and made edit notes.  Now I'm inputting those.  Stuff like "If the office is new, where did Rick find out about the connected cases? Why is he working it? Solidify the reasoning." and "Where is the office in relation to Detroit and the airport? Between? Livonia?" and "Need to explain her need to transfer better. If reader hasn't read DE the Jace thing is weird and you need to make that the rationalization rather than the reason."  (Yes, I write these notes as if I'm talking to myself - you need to do this, why did you do that, what were you thinking.)

I also started reading through Up Wish Creek yesterday.  I love this book.  I already think I figured out the cover art idea - Jo in her library.  But we'll see if something else jumps out as a snazzier concept.

I got an idea for the beginning of the next genie book. And I got some ideas for the title concept of the next three books.  "Djinn on the Rocks", "Djinn and Tonic", "Straight up Djinn" or something like that.

I did something active 5 out of 7 days last week.  3 days of dance/exercise and 2 days of walk or rake.  Not bad, but I can do better.  Every day is the goal.

My reading kind of fell down.  I was focused on my own words, so I only finished one book - The Flight of the Phoenix.  Good book.  I love the original movie (never saw the remake) and the movie seemed to follow the book pretty well from what I remember.

What did your Week 5 look like?


  1. Good for you for getting it done.

    Loving all the cute titles.

    Love the Flight of the Phoenix...don't think I've seen either movie.

  2. Love the series title and the ones for the next books. LOVE this series!

    My goal was word count. I'll catch up at some point. I didn't do a spread sheet so I'm not really sure how far behind I am. Ah well. I don't do "NY Resolutions." Goals (unless they're deadlines on the calendar) and I don't always play nice.

    I finished my contest reads, then got two more for a different contest. They've already won but I have to read and leave a review. One done, one to go. I can't count the 6 contest reads until next fall. :( I also listened to a couple of "reread" books. Now I want them all. Maybe I'll get back on the gazelle as an excuse to listen more often.

    I hope to have the next Moonstruck compilation novel (two novellas with all new material connecting them) out early in march. I need to check timing on preorders because I'd like to get it up for that. We'll see. It's more important to get it out there and it's going into wide distribution so...

    Also working on a "secret" project for my next newsletter. A special Penumbra Valentine's Day story with Sade and Sinjen, exclusive to my subscribers. They'll get a link and a password. :) I should have the story finished today then I need to get it set up on my website and design my Feb. newsletter.

    I think that's it for my week. I've slept since then. LOLOL

  3. Your week was far more productive than mine! I've edited but far less than I should have done and read a little. Not much else though.

  4. I love the new series name, and the new titles!

    Yay for all your editing! You're charging ahead.

    I got a lot less done than I'd planned, between family stuff and a headache I can't shake. But I read more than I'd planned too. If I can't hide from a headache inside a book, I'm really sick. ;-)

    Still, I finished the third chapter of 5C today, so I'm wandering in the right direction.